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10. Nude lips are the way to go.As we age our lips can get smaller, especially the upper lip. When this happens, your best bet is to stick to shades, like a natural lip color or berry shade that enhances your natural lip tone as opposed to drawing attention to the area. Also, shoot for a lip stain instead of a creamy lipstick that may bleed or settle in lip creases. Top your lips off with a clear gloss or balm to keep your pout looking full and hydrated.

9. Mascara, mascara, mascara!Lashes get thinner as you age, so naturally you may go with a thickening mascara to bulk them up – but you’re wrong. Heavy formulas will flatten your lashes. Instead choose a lengthening mascara, which tends to be lighter on the lashes and one with a thin wand so you can easily coat your lashes.

8. Curl those lashes!Eyelashes flatten as you age, so you need to curl your lashes to keep them upwards and long. Curling your lashes will make your eyes look bigger and brighter, even if you decide to skip the mascara.

7. Choose a light brow pencil.When filling in your brows, use a pencil that’s a shade lighter than your natural coloring, hold it at a 45-degree angle, and start filling in with soft strokes so the brows looks more natural. Think Brooke Shields in the 1980’s.

6. Tweeze your brows, but only if you must.Reshaping your eyebrows will not correct your face that has now become more asymmetrical as you have gotten older. Plus, thin eyebrows are rarely flattering on anyone. If you need to tweeze just clean up the obvious misbehaving hairs.

5. Accentuate your bone structure.Your younger face found itself smiling in the mirror to make the apples of your cheeks pop so you could swipe on your favorite pink blush. Time to retire that old trick. In an article published by Harvard, it’s states that “with age, that fat loses volume, clumps up, and shifts downward, so features that were formerly round may sink, and skin that was smooth and tight gets loose and sags” (Source:Harvard). Who would have thought we could take advantage of that? Now you should practice...

   4. Skip tinted face powder. Covering your skin in powder may have worked in younger years to combat an oily face or t-zone, but as we get older it’s best we skip this step. However, if you feel naked without your beloved powder, it’s best to stick with a translucent or light-diffusing powder, nothing tinted, to set your base.   NEW! Exfoliating Sponge for $0.01 + S&H. Click here and claim yours. Only 97 available.          

3. Use a sponge.We’re always tempted to camouflage every imperfection with foundation – don’t, and make friends with a damp sponge. Quickly wet your sponge, squeeze out the water, and put a dab of foundation on the back of your hand. Pick up the foundation you need with the tip of the sponge and apply it in dabbing motions to your face. Between the sponge absorbing the foundation, and being thinned out by the water, you will achieve the best possible coverage.

2. Use a lightweight or sheer foundation.Facts are facts: makeup does not and will not cover wrinkles, so layering on your foundation will only accentuate wrinkles, rather than diminish them. A thin layer of lightweight or sheer foundation is all you need. If the thought of a sheer foundation seems pointless to you, then I suggest investing in a yellow(ish) foundation. Yellow warms the skin, and the warmer your skin looks, the younger you will look.